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Year 6 Maths Loop Cards

Year 6 Maths Loop Cards

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These can be used to practice doubles of two digit whole numbers or decimals, corresponding halves and related vocabulary with your class in a mental oral starter, plenary or during any few spare minutes.  
Year 6 Maths Loop Cards provide teachers with an engaging and interactive way to teach maths. Student-friendly game, resources and loop cards are designed to help students learn maths concepts. Through this educational game, students are able to learn and apply math resources in a fun and interactive way.
I have used these with my own higher ability set from Year 5, could be used lower or higher too, depending on ability.
Great time saver for teachers, NQTs, Student teachers!  Fab activity for a supply teacher to have to hand!
Set of 31 cards - enough for a class and maybe a few extra if you are lucky enough to have a small class!

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  • Digital download - PDF file
  • Ready made - Printed, laminated and cut

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