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Year 1 and 2 Loop Cards

Year 1 and 2 Loop Cards

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Introduce young learners to the world of maths with these Year 1 and 2 Loop Cards. These educational games provide a fun and interactive way to practice essential maths skills, making learning more engaging and effective. Boost your child's confidence with these valuable maths resources.

These can be used to practice addition and subtraction to 20, simple doubling and halving and 1/10 more/less with your class in a mental oral starter, plenary or during any few spare minutes.  Ideally used for KS1 but can be used in KS2 for further practice or your SEN children.
Great time saver for teachers, NQTs, Student teachers!  Fab activity for a supply teacher to have to hand!

Set of 32 loop cards featuring addition and subtraction to 20, doubling and halving, 1/10 more/less

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