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Winter Woodland Friends Classroom Reward Stickers

Winter Woodland Friends Classroom Reward Stickers

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Winter Woodland Friends Reward Stickers

This pack of Winter Woodland Friends Reward Stickers offers a positive reinforcement system for teachers and students alike. These stickers featuring fun winter woodland characters, this set provides enough incentives to make any classroom project more engaging and enjoyable. The bright colours and cute designs are sure to boost motivation and bring a touch of the winter season into the classroom. These stickers will encourage hard work and good behavior while inspiring creativity, encouragement and a sense of accomplishment.

These reward stickers feature cute Winter Woodland Friends (owl, fox, hedgehog, squirrel, bear and raccoon) all dressed for the snow and cold winter season.

These colourful woodland animal classroom stickers are perfect to add the feeling of the winter season to signs, posters, school projects, labels, crafts, and more!

Teachers and parents have been using our stickers as incentives to motivate and reward children for decades. Being rewarded for a job well done, chores completed, a good grade or even a good effort makes children feel proud of themselves and that their accomplishment (no matter how small) was important.

50 stickers per pack

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