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Upcycle Style Apple Classroom Rewards Stickers

Upcycle Style Apple Classroom Rewards Stickers

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These "sweet" Upcycle Style Apple reward stickers will let students know they are the "cream of the crop."

These fresh apple stickers feature Upcycle Style's unique design that combines realistic-looking textures (ex. wood grain, corrugated paper) along with fun fabric and accents (ex. denim, burlap, canvas, metal) for a creative yet charming feel.


Teachers and parents have been using our stickers as incentives to motivate and reward children for decades.

Being rewarded for a job well done, chores completed, a good grade or even a good effort makes children feel proud of themselves and that their accomplishment (no matter how small) was important.

60 stickers

Coordinates with other Upcycle Style products.

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