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Thinking Science - Humans and Animals

Thinking Science - Humans and Animals

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 A set of 20 cards to develop knowledge and understanding of Humans and Animals

20 A5 cards featuring a photograph on one side and five questions or activity suggestions on the reverse. The variety of questions and activities means that work can be pitched at an appropriate level for most abilities. The cards have been designed to develop an enquiring approach to the subject and encourage observational and descriptive skills. This versatile set lends itself to whole class, small group or individual work, forming the basis for the whole topic or as a starter or plenary activities. 

Example questions:

What are the functions of these parts of the digestive system?

Alligators are carnivores. What sort of teeth would you expect them to have and why?

What effect does exercise have on the body?

Give your answer using bullet points.

How are these different in a baby, a teenager and and old person - Hair, Skin, Speech, Eyesight, Movement.

Example activities:

Choose one food group.

Design a poster showing some of the foods included in the group, explaining how they keep us healthy.

Try to find out how much food from the group we should eat each day.

Make a poster showing why we should be grateful to our digestive system.

Write the names of ten bones and organs on pieces of paper or sticky notes.

Can you stick them on your body in the correct places?

Use the diagram to help you.

Write a story or a poem about yourself when you are an old person.

How will you have changed? What will it feel like to be old?

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