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Storytime Resource Pack - Bees

Storytime Resource Pack - Bees

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Storytime is the UK’s only story magazine – we are one of the biggest magazines in the UK for teachers, with readers in over 50 other countries too.

It gives children brilliant stories in a fun magazine format. It’s a fact that magazines are the most commonly read form of literature by children.

Storytime works well for reluctant readers who won’t pick up a book, but it still appeals to children who love a good story!

Schools use us for classroom reading, for EAL children, as a Pupil Premium resource, or simply for class storytelling.

Each issue contains fairy tales, poems, modern stories, myths & legends, tales from other cultures, fables, folk tales, colourful illustrations, plus games, activities and puzzles too.

All school customers get a new teaching resource pack every month, containing 15 to 20 pages of themed, printable content with lesson ideas and classroom activities. We’ve made these available here. We hope you enjoy them.


What’s in this pack:

Bees (save the bees/minibeasts)

  • Teach kids about the importance of protecting our bees
  • Lesson Ideas for Literacy, Maths, Design, PE, Science and Art.
  • Save the Bees Action Sheet
  • Brilliant Bees Fact Sheet
  • Word Watch Sheet
  • 'B Bee' plus Word Whizz
  • Buzz Words
  • Finger Puppets
  • Buzzy Bee Maths
  • Honey Flapjack Recipe
  • Bee A Designer
  • Colouring-in & Masks
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