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Learning Resources Snap Cubes - Pack of 100

Learning Resources Snap Cubes - Pack of 100

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Snap Cubes® (Set of 100)

These plastic 2cm cubes come in 10 bright colours and can connect to one another on all six sides. Snap Cubes offer a fun, hands-on learning experience for kids. Each pack of 100 maths interlocking cubes teaches counting, fractions, place value, multiplication and more. Kids can manipulate the cubes in various ways to help them understand multiplication, making maths learning easier and more memorable. Educators can use Snap Cubes to engage students with maths.

This set of 100 interlocking Snap Cubes can be used to help children with counting to 100 by ones and tens. They’re also a fun, hands-on way for children to model maths concepts such as more or less, understand place value, and calculate addition and subtraction.

Set includes 100 cubes in 10 colours (purple, yellow, red, blue, light green, dark green, orange, brown, black, and white), and an Activity Guide.

A great way to learn Fractions, Place Value, Counting and Multiplication and Division plus much more....

Easy for little hands to join and twist apart, these colourful cubes will keep young learners engaged in a variety of maths activities. 

Snap Cubes can be used in place of any 2cm cubes, and have been designed to fit in Unifix apparatus and material.

Includes Teacher’s Guide.

Set of 100.

Suitable for ages 5+


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