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Rainforest Classroom Resource Box

Rainforest Classroom Resource Box

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Why teach about the rainforest?

 This resource pack contains authentic artefacts from the Amazon rainforest including nuts,musical instruments, jewellery, balsa carving, seeds, brazil nut case, A3 posters, A0 Tropical Rainforest Posters, A2 Rainforest Regeneration Poster, A3 Rainforest Wordle and an (award winning) cross curriculum Resource packed with teaching ideas, worksheets and a Powerpoint presentation on the Amazon Basin.

The artefacts can be used to foster a wide range of experiential and enquiry approaches to learning across many subjects including, history, English, citizenship, art and music.

They may be stimuli for discussion and supplement the other classroom materials from our innovative range. Makes an eye-catching display in any setting.


  • A2 Rainforest Regeneration Poster
  • A3 Rainforest Word Cloud
  • A0 Tropical Rainforest Poster
  • Brazil Nut
  • Cocoa Pod
  • Story of a Brazil Nut cards
  • A5 Seed Cards
  • A3 Rainforest Images
  • Key to the NC…The Amazon Basin
  • Rainforest Enquirer x 5
  • Toucan Times x 5
  • Seed Collection (minus Cocoa and Brazil Nut)
  • Rainforest Rhythms
  • Balsa Parrot
  • Tagua (Bracelet)



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