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Romans in Britain Curriculum Pack

Romans in Britain Curriculum Pack

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This comprehensive curriculum pack focuses on teaching the rich history of the Romans in Britain. In addition to covering the fascinating topic of the Romans, this pack also provides valuable knowledge and insights into the impact they had on Britain's development. A must have for history educators and enthusiasts alike.

A selection of resources for studying Romans in Britain.

Includes 2 x A1 posters, A2 Word Cloud, photocards and activities, timeline, WordMat, Quiz pad, and more.

This comprehensive pack supports a wide range of National Curriculum requirements including Vocabulary, Perspective, Evidence, Chronology and an understanding of events, people and daily life in Roman Britain. Suitable for KS2.


2 x A1 Information Posters

1 x A2 Roman Word Cloud

1 x A3 Photocopiable WordMat

1 x A3 Photocopiable Quiz pad

1 x A3 Photocopiable World Civilisation Map

6 x A4 Photo cards and Activities

1 x Interactive Timeline

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