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Morrells Handwriting Joining Letters Workbook 1

Morrells Handwriting Joining Letters Workbook 1

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Use Morrells Handwriting to follow the new National Curriculum 2014: Handwriting

Learn how to hold and use a pen/pencil correctly and sit correctly

Teach letter formation in the correct handwriting families

Practise and revise the correct letter formation frequently and confidently

Teach joined-up handwriting using diagonal and horizontal strokes

Understand which letters are best left unjoined

A back to basics approach for poor handwriting, these series of handwriting workbooks offer a simple, but effective solution to handwriting problems.

Based on ability rather than age, they are perfect for children, teenagers and adults.

Uses the Morrells unique 'Bounce Technique'

Dyspraxia and Dyslexia friendly resources

Stimulates muscle memory

Develops hand eye coordination and fine motor strength

Boost confidence and learning Joined-up handwriting - Create joined-up handwriting that is smooth, legible, fluent and fast.

Master the progressive joining technique of the baseline joins before moving on to the more difficult round and top joins.

Learning the basics of cursive handwriting is easy with the invaluable and innovative Morrells bounce symbol and directional arrows that show the correct diagonal and the horizontal joins used to master cursive handwriting.

Structured exercises guide the writer through the baseline joins before moving on to the more difficult round and top joins.

There is ample space to practise, helping the writer to quickly develop a fluent writing style and a positive joined-up handwriting habit from the beginning.

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