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Marking Stickers Mega Pack 2 - 20 sheets (1300 stickers!)

Marking Stickers Mega Pack 2 - 20 sheets (1300 stickers!)

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This exclusive range of marking stickers will help streamline your marking! This is the second pack, buy both and have a whopping 40 sheets of stickers!

Clear, simple illustrations and minimal text shows the child what the focus of your marking is and where they need to improve. Can also be used as targets.

Save money with this Mega Pack 2

20 sheets, 1 sheet of each design (65 stickers per sheet)


Focus: Listen carefully
Focus: Show your working out
Thumbs Up! Brilliant!
Focus: Slow down, don't rush your work!
Learning objective achieved
Learning objective not achieved
Working towards learning objective
Progress towards learning objective
Verbal feedback given
We need to spend more time on this
I worked on my own
I worked with a partner
I worked with an adult
I worked in a group
Excellent computer skills
Great listening skills
Excellent reading skills
Fabulous art skills
Wonderful writing
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