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Homonyms Loop Cards

Homonyms Loop Cards

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A set of 30 cards to practice common homonyms. 

The cards carry a sentence with a known homonym underlined, the answer on another card will have the correct spelling. 

For example start reads "Where did I put my pencil?", correct answer in the loop will be "where" rather than "wear" which will also be in the cards.  

I have used these will my classes from Year 3 to 5, could be used higher or lower depending on ability.  

Great time saver for teachers, NQTs, Student teachers!  Fab activity for a supply teacher to have to hand!  

This listing is for a set of ready laminated and cut cards in a storage bag - a must for busy teachers!  

Set of 30 cards –- ideal for whole class work or a few extra if you are lucky to have a small class!


Set of 30 loop cards


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