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Fractions Classroom Posters - Halves, Quarters, Eighths

Fractions Classroom Posters - Halves, Quarters, Eighths

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Gain a better understanding of learning about Fractions with our classroom posters on halves, quarters, and eighths. These educational display resources serve as visual aids to assist in teaching fractions and promote better maths comprehension. A must-have for any maths classroom display.

This set of posters illustrates halves, quarters and eighths. One poster for each fraction, shown as a part of a circle, the written fraction and the fraction in words. A whole is also illustrated.

19 posters in all - also includes a fraction wall to show equivalence. Use these as A4 sized posters, or use your printer settings to shrink/enlarge to cards/larger posters for display.

Many different uses from display to physical activities involving putting fractions in order, equivalences and more!

Digital download - PDF file

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