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EDITABLE Name Tray & Coat Peg Labels - Cute Monsters

EDITABLE Name Tray & Coat Peg Labels - Cute Monsters

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Organise your classroom with ease using our Editable Monster themed Name Tray & Coat Peg Labels! These cute monster themed tray labels will not only make your classroom look fun and playful, but also help with classroom management and organisation. With customisable templates, easily label classroom trays and coat pegs for a seamless and efficient system.

Love our templates but prefer to add your own names?  Then this is the classroom  resource for you!  Available in a PowerPoint file, these name tray templates are ready to go, just type in the names and select your chosen font - done!

This is for both our classroom name tray and coat peg labels in our cute monsters theme.

Artist credit: LittleRed

Options available:

  • Editable digital download - PPT file
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