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Doubles and Near Doubles Loop Cards

Doubles and Near Doubles Loop Cards

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Liven up your maths lessons with our Doubles and Near Doubles Loop Cards. These educational games are designed to strengthen students understanding of maths through interactive gameplay. With a focus on doubles and near doubles, these loop cards make learning fun and engaging. Add them to your maths resources today!
A set of 26 cards to practice doubles and near doubles. One half of the card has a question, the other half an answer - the loop continues as the child says what question they have on their card, the next child reads out the matching answer, followed by their question. Great time saver for teachers, NQTs, Student teachers!  
Fab activity for a supply teacher to have to hand!  
This listing is for a set of ready laminated and cut cards in a storage bag - a must for busy teachers! Set of 26 cards –- ideal for class/group/paired work!

Review doubles and near doubles with this simple game.

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