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Double Bubbles Game

Double Bubbles Game

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These game boards offer a fun way to review and consolidate the teaching of doubles.

9 boards are included:

  • 2 x Doubles 1 - 6 boards with mixed answers, designed to be used with a standard 1-6 dice
  • 2 x Doubles 7 - 12 boards with mixed answers, designed to be used with a 7 - 12 dice
  • 2 x Doubles 0 - 18 board with mixed answers, designed to be used with two 0 - 9 dice
  • 1 x blank board to add any numbers you wish!


How to play:

This is designed to play with 2 players (or can be played with 2 pairs/groups against each other)

Each player/team has their own board, plus you will need a dice or spinners for either 1-6, 7-12, 0-9 or any other combination of numbers.

Players take turns to roll the dice/spin the spinner - they then double the number they get and if this number is on their board they cover it.

The winner is the first to cover all their numbers!



A blank board is included to play with any numbers you wish - use it for times tables, adding/subtracting a certain amount... the possibilities are endless!


Please note: Dice or spinners are not included



Artist credit: Little Red's Clipart


Digital download - PDF file

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