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Colour & Learn Dinosaurs Book

Colour & Learn Dinosaurs Book

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Tread carefully through these never know what you might disturb!

Put a foot in the wrong place and Tyrannosaurus may come roaring out, ravenously hungry and looking for blood ... your blood! Time to run!

But be careful, your flight might take you into the jaws of Velociraptor, also out looking for dinner, razor sharp teeth just waiting for a juicy morsel to appear. One of the fastest dinosaurs around - you'll need wings on your feet to escape. What was it like to be living in the age of dinosaurs.

The pages of this book will transport you into a world of the most fantastic creatures.

You will roam the grasslands, rainforests, valleys and mountains of our world millions of years ago in the company of gentle Diplodocus, fearsome Allosaurus, duck-billed Maiasaura and armour plated Stegosaurus amongst many other extraordinary beasts.

Close your eyes and walk this ancient world bringing the dinosaurs to roaring, colourful life.

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