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Ancient Greece Curriculum Pack

Ancient Greece Curriculum Pack

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Explore the rich history of Ancient Greece with this comprehensive curriculum pack. Immerse yourself in a world of philosophy, democracy, and mythology and gain a deeper understanding of this influential civilisation. This pack is ideal for educators and students seeking a complete and authoritative learning experience.

A selection of resources for studying Ancient Greece.

Includes 2 x A1 posters, A2 Word Cloud, photocards and activities, timeline, WordMat, Quiz pad, and more.

This comprehensive pack supports a wide range of National Curriculum requirements including Vocabulary, Perspective, Evidence, Chronology and an understanding of events, people and daily life in Ancient Greece. Suitable for KS2.


2 x A1 Information Posters

1 x A2 Ancient Greece Word Cloud

1 x A3 Photocopiable WordMat

1 x A3 Photocopiable Quiz pad

1 x A3 Photocopiable World Civilisation Map

6 x A4 Photo cards and Activities

1 x Interactive Timeline

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