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Coasts Curriculum Pack

Coasts Curriculum Pack

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Learn all about the fascinating world of coasts with our Coasts Curriculum Pack. Explore the geography of these unique environments and discover the secrets of the seaside. Enhance your understanding of this beautiful ecosystem with engaging lessons and activities. Perfect for students and educators alike.

A comprehensive pack covering a wide range of the Geography National Curriculum requirements including; Geographical Vocabulary, Physical and Human Features, Geographical and Locational Knowledge, Maps and Mapping, and Geographical Skills. 

 Suitable for KS1 and KS2.

Coasts Curriculum Pack:

Coasts Poster (100cm x 70cm)

A2 Coasts Word Cloud

2 x A3 Coasts Aero image Desk mats and Activities

A3 Photocopiable Keywords Leaflet

A3 Photocopiable Labelling Activity

8 x A4 Coasts Photocards and Teachers Notes

4 x A4 Geographical Features Formation Photocards

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