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Calculation Cafe - Maths Calculation Display

Calculation Cafe - Maths Calculation Display

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Enhance your maths lessons with Calculation Cafe's Maths Display. Our display includes a variety of Maths facts, making it a valuable tool for teaching and learning. Easily create engaging and informative lessons with the help of our teaching resources. Perfect for educators and students alike.

Use this colourful display to provide your class with a calculation help board. With a cafe theme, children are encouraged to choose items from a menu to help them to solve calculations.

Starters - vocabulary

Main - different methods

Dessert - checking using the inverse operation

Sides - tricks to help with doubling, multiplying and dividing by 10 etc

Over 20 pages of sheets, this could be shrunk into smaller cards to put on each table, or as A4 posters would make a large, useful display.

Digital download - PDF file

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