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You Did It Brag Tags Classroom Rewards - Pack of 10

You Did It Brag Tags Classroom Rewards - Pack of 10

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Brag Tags Classroom Reward.

Brag Tag Pencil - You Did It Rewards

This You Did It Brag Tags Classroom Rewards Pack offers 10 reward tags to incentivise students in the classroom. Perfect as a supplement to existing rewards, these Brag Tags feature inspiring designs with icons and motivational messages to encourage a positive learning environment. With each tag, students can recognise their individual successes and proudly share their accomplishments with others.

Pencil shaped Brag Tags are a little bit special!

Pack of 10 tags.

Teachers LOVE these motivational Brag Tags™.

Our inexpensive Brag Tags™ are the perfect reward for good behaviour, attendance and academic recognition, or just for the fun of it!

Anything you can imagine" put it on a Brag Tag™ and hand it out to your students. Watch as a wave of pride washes over your classroom.

These tags inspire and motivate students in ways we only could have dreamed!


Children will love to collect these tags to show their achievements - they can be added to either our key chains or flex cord wrist coils!

 Item does not come with keychain.

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