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Book Features Classroom Posters

Book Features Classroom Posters

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Increase literacy and promote reading skills with our Book Features Classroom Posters. This set includes posters on the parts of a book, library resources, and reading tips. Help students understand the different elements of a book and utilise library resources for better reading success.

Display the key features of a book in your book corner, library or on a book themed display. Perfect for Upper KS1 and KS2 children these colourful posters label the key features of a book including title, blurb, spine, front/back cover, author, illustrator plus a title header.

Each feature is explained with simple text.

Digital version can be displayed on your IWB for discussion, and can be printed as many times and in different sizes - shrink to flashcards for children to match against a book on a display, have mini reference sets available - the possibilities are endless!

Digital download - PDF file

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