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Big Time™ Mini Clock

Big Time™ Mini Clock

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Big Time Mini Clock is a geared clock for teaching children about telling the time and elapsed time.

This Big Time™ Mini Clock features an intuitive time-teaching resources to help children learn how to read a clock. Its unique and engaging design makes it a fun and useful addition to any classroom setting. With colourful, hands-on learning aids, this mini clock provides a reliable and visually stimulating way to teach time-telling.

The clock is colour-coded, is easy to read, and helps students understand telling time to the minute and hour.

The hands are geared and keep the correct relationship between hour and minute as children turn the hands on the clock face.

This single clock is ideal for individual, hands-on learning in the classroom or at home.

Big Time Mini Clock has geared hands that keep the correct relationship between hour and minute as children play and learn.

The hands are colour-coded to match the face: red for hour and blue for minute.

This single clock allows each child to have their own clock for personalised learning in the classroom.

The clock is also ideal for home learning.

Hands move in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

Individual students can engage in time telling activities with this student clock with mechanisms.

Ages 5+

SMALL PARTS. Not Suitable for under 3 yrs.

Clock measures approx. 10cm H.


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