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A Victorian School Day Resource Pack (KS2)

A Victorian School Day Resource Pack (KS2)

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Learn about the Victorians with our comprehensive resource pack. Includes history, teaching, and topic resources for KS2 students. Dive into the past and discover the benefits of hands-on learning. Perfect for educators looking to enhance their curriculum with engaging, high-quality materials.

We are delighted to have exclusively acquired these excellent resources from The History People! After the success of their school day visits they have put together packs to help you recreate school days from the past in your classroom.

The packs provide a guide on how to recreate a school day from the period and additional teaching material for use during the day. A fantastic way to begin a topic on Victorians, to really absorb the children, or a great way to end a topic, to see how what they have learnt all fits in!


Guide on how to recreate the various lessons that were taught, support materials for the lessons, how to layout your classroom and suggestions on clothing for you and your pupils.

    More suitable for KS2 although the ideas could easily be adapted!


    Digital download - PDF file



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