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1p 2p 5p British Money Challenge Purses

1p 2p 5p British Money Challenge Purses

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As an expert in teaching, our 1p 2p 5p British Money Challenge Purses provide valuable money resources to educate students on UK currency and help improve maths skills. Perfect for classroom use, these purses offer an interactive and informative way for students to learn about money.

10 challenge cards in the shape of different coloured large purses. Challenge the children to find the amount shown in the purse, can they made the amount in another way? Can they find change from 50p? How much more would they need to make 50p? Do they have enough to buy the toy?

Many different uses - on the IWB, Classroom displays, individual challenges, shopping role play and many more!

Other purses with different coin values are also available!

Digital download teaching resource - PDF file

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