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FlashSticks® - English Intermediate (Starter Pack)

FlashSticks® - English Intermediate (Starter Pack)

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A great EAL teaching resource

FlashSticks® are foreign language vocabulary sticky notes, designed to help you rapidly learn the most commonly used words of your new language. Stick the notes up in convenient places around you and FlashSticks® will prompt your continued learning as you naturally go about your daily routine.


Includes 12 language translations on each note: French, Spanish, German, Polish, Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese, Urdu, Portuguese, Russian, Punjabi, Hindi.

Free App with video tutor (for pronunciations)

Intermediate Level: suitable for adult and child learners with basic grasp of English

Key Stage 3-4 / Adult B1-B2

Simply stick’n’learn a few new words each day

  • Benefits of using Flash Sticks
    • Stick them anywhere
    • FREE app with video tutor
    • Colour-coded by gender/word type
    • Maintain your learning momentum
  • Categories of words in this pack
    • Daily Routine
    • Home & Family
    • Body & Fashion
    • Food & Entertainment
    • Nature & Town
    • Work & Education
    • Verbs & Phrases
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